If you are here, I urge students to consider trying BASS GUITAR. It is the lower sounding guitar and almost every band in the world uses bass guitar. They can also be played in HBW and VHS concert band and jazz band. It is a fantastic instrument that more students shold try.

No vendor rents guitars. You need to borrow or purchase. Acoustic guitars don’t need an amplifier to be heard. Electric guitars can be played without an amp, but your child won’t be able to hear it well. 

I recommend an acoustic guitar first and then switching to electric later. If your child does choose an electric, they don’t need to bring the amp with them to VSM, just their cable to plug into our system.

If you choose to purchase from Sweetwater, you can just order directly from the link, or if you would like to speak with one of  the most knowledgeable people on the planet about gear, ask for Robby Resnick and tell him I sent you. You will get a great price and he will help you choose the correct stuff. They ship quickly too...

Here are some links to beginner level guitars we recommend. Yamaha makes very fine instruments for all levels.
If you choose the electric guitar, you should also purchase an amplifier and a guitar cable. 

Jasmine Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic

Ibanez Acoustic

Mini Stratocaster Electric

Telecaster (for older students)

Les Paul (for older students)

Fender Guitar Amp (very small)

Vox Guitar Amp (very small)

Orange Crush Guitar Amp (very small)


Squier Bronco (small students)

Ibanez GSRM20 (small students)

Oscar Schmidt (small students)

Ibanez (full size)

Squier (full size)

Yamaha (full size)

Fender Bass Amp

Ampeg Bass Amp

Orange Crush Bass Amp